Farmers 2 Founders - Accelerator Programs

Applications Close June-July 2024

Farmers2Founders (F2F) has launched a new agtech program pathway in partnership with the Queensland Venture Capital Development Fund (VCDF), managed by Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC).

F2F will work directly with QLD agtech and foodtech start-ups to deliver their flagship pre-accelerator program for early-stage founders and our accelerator program designed for Pre-seed or Series A Australian agtech businesses with high potential for scalability and global expansion.

The F2F pathway, designed to meet each founder's individual needs at any stage, will benefit 40 QLD start-ups in total.

· The pre-accelerator program will focus on the fundamentals of growing and scaling a business, supporting early-stage start-ups from prototype to MVP.

· The later-stage accelerator will cover content such as business model design and go-to-market strategy. Matching the founders with expert mentors, advisors, customers, and partners to prepare them to pitch to the VCDF Partner Venture Capitalists.

Visit the link to find out more: https://www.farmers2founders.c...