Lunchtime Panel: How to Grow Your Company

Tuesday 23 July

Achieving sustainable business growth is a top priority for every business owner. Whether it's increasing revenues, boosting profits, entering new markets, expanding product lines, or reaching more customers, the path to growth can be challenging.

Join this lunchtime panel featuring esteemed entrepreneurs and co-founders Alex Ghiculescu (Tanda), Juliette Murphy (FloodMapp), and Lee Hellen (Kurloo). They will share their expert insights on overcoming expansion challenges, maintaining a strong company culture, leveraging technology for increased efficiency, and building resilient business models that adapt to market changes. Gain practical tips and learn from their experiences to drive sustainable growth in your own business.


Alex Ghiculescu

Alex co-founded Tanda, a leading software company specializing in workforce management. He has been instrumental in transforming business operations worldwide through innovative solutions for rostering, time tracking, and employee scheduling, enhancing productivity and streamlining processes.

Juliette Murphy

Juliette is the co-founder and CEO of FloodMapp, a cutting-edge technology company focused on real-time flood forecasting and mapping. Her leadership has positioned FloodMapp as a vital tool for emergency management, aiding communities and businesses in Australia and the United States to better prepare for and respond to flood events.

Lee Hellen

Lee founded Kurloo Technology, which offers innovative geospatial applications for industries ranging from construction to disaster prevention. Since Kurloo's inception in 2022, Lee has successfully led its expansion into New Zealand, underscoring its growing influence in the geospatial sector.

This event, part of the Advance Queensland Ignite+ Spark series and facilitated by Startup Onramp, is free for members of the innovation ecosystem. As the event is catered and has limited seating, please cancel your ticket if you can no longer attend.

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