Teacher Professional Development Coding & Robotics Workshop

Thursday, 21 July & Friday, 22 July

Moreton Bay Regional Council and Innovate Moreton Bay are giving teachers the chance to get hands-on experience to up-skill in STEM Education.

Hosted at USC Caboolture on Thursday, 21 July and USC Moreton Bay on Friday, 22 July, this event is aimed at providing Secondary education teachers within the Moreton Bay Region with the opportunity to better understand teaching tools and methodologies to support the development of new programs related to coding and robotics.

The workshop will provide an in-depth insight into how teachers can access coding and robotics hardware as well as how to incorporate this technology into their own course curriculum. The primary objective of the Teachers Coding & Robotics PD Workshop is to create a collaborative network of teachers across both private and public schools in the region and aid them in developing their skills surrounding this topic to create further opportunities for youth innovation and entrepreneurship.

This training will allow teachers to deliver programs that use strategies known to increase student interest in STEM: hands-on learning, working as a team on real-life problems, and culminating celebration where students can showcase what they created and learned.

Session 1 – FIRST Spike Robotics Training Camp

Working in pairs, pairs and be provided with the latest LEGO Spike robotics platform. The emphasis will be on the coding of the robots but there will be a broad-based discussion on activities that you can do in the classroom to teach students how to consider engineering problems.

There will be a discussion on how teachers can implement the world-renowned FIRST LEGO League program into their assessment programs including mapping this program to ACARA and examples of real-world assessment items that can be implemented at middle school (year six to year nine) level

This session is proudly delivered by FIRST LEGO League - FIRST Australia.

Session 2 – STEM Punks

Delivered by STEM Punks, you’ll learn how to apply STEM Tools including Algorithms & Coding to solve real-world problems. You’ll explore how Design Thinking can be used as an innovative process and look at problem-based learning scenarios linked to the Australian Curriculum.

Learning Outcomes

Build confidence using STEM Tools in real-world problem-based learning scenarios

Understand how to embed Digital Technologies into your classroom using an integrated approach

Apply Design Thinking as an innovation and problem-solving process

Creative immersive and cross-curriculum experiences for your students


Session 1 - FIRST Robotics - 9:30am -11:30 (2hrs) - Lego Spike Prime Robot

Lunch / Networking -11:30am -12:30pm

Session 2 - Coding - 12:30pm - 2:30pm (2hrs) - STEMPUNKS

Post Networking / USC Site Tours - 2:30pm - 3:00pm


Attendance is free; however, spaces are limited and teachers must register to secure their place.

USC Caboolture on Thursday, 21 July

USC Moreton Bay on Friday, 22 July