Join us for the 2024 Sustainability Demo Day

Following the success of the inaugural event in 2023, City of Moreton Bay and Innovate Moreton Bay are thrilled to announce that expressions of interest are now open for the 2024 Sustainability Demo Day!

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Sustainability Demo Day 2023

What happens when you join forces with industry powerhouses and business owners on a mission to help solve global challenges?

The result, an awe-inspiring afternoon of thoughtful pitches, life-changing feedback, and genuine collaboration and connections.

The inaugural Moreton Bay Sustainability Demo Day was held at Eatons Hill Hotel on Thursday, 28 September, bringing together an exceptional lineup of businesses, social enterprises and initiatives committed to creating positive environmental and social impacts.

The Demo Day provided our participants with invaluable opportunities, such as:

  1. Connections Established: Participants engaged with like-minded businesses and thought leaders, fostering a network of collaboration.
  2. Skills Sharpened: Pitching skills were refined, enabling effective presentations of sustainable solutions.
  3. Ideas Validated: Business proposals received validation, and new market opportunities were explored.
  4. Big Wins: Exclusive prizes were awarded, providing significant opportunities for growth to the deserving participants.
  5. Profiles Boosted: Participants earned well-deserved recognition for their achievements and innovative journey.
  6. Mutual Growth: Collaborative networking with similar businesses was encouraged, supporting collective growth.

Judge's Choice Spotlight

Phoenix Laser emerged as the unanimous Judges' Choice, demonstrating an innovative and less hazardous method for industrial surface cleaning. Their commitment to sustainability and positive environmental impact stood out, aligning seamlessly with the goals of the City of Moreton Bay.

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Sustainability Demo Day Highlights

🌱 Inspirational Pitches

The Demo Day featured live pitches from a diverse selection of individuals and organizations dedicated to driving Moreton Bay toward a more sustainable future. These dynamic presentations showcased the innovative solutions being developed in our region.

💬 Judge Feedback and Q&A Sessions

Following each pitch, judges, including Yas Grigaliunas, Amanda Newbery, and Stewart Moore, provided valuable feedback and engaged in insightful Q&A sessions. This deep dive into each business' vision and processes offered attendees a better understanding of what industry leaders seek in the sustainability space.

🤝 Networking Opportunities

The event provided a dynamic environment for networking, connecting like-minded individuals, potential collaborators, and industry leaders from private, public, and academic backgrounds.

🏆 Recognition and Prizes

Demonstrators had the opportunity to gain exposure, validation, and exciting prizes from a pool valued at over $35,000. The prizes, offered by organisations such as the Office of the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur, SBIM, Moreton Daily, Onyx Legal, SRJ Walker Wayland, Startup Onramp, and Impact Boom, aim to support businesses contributing to a sustainable future.

🌏 Contributing to Moreton Bay’s Future

Participation in the Sustainability Demo Day contributed to advancing our region's economic development goals, shaping a sustainable future, and working toward achieving net-zero goals collaboratively.

Meet The Judges

Yas Grigaliunas

Founder of Circonomy and Chief Circular Entrepreneur of Circular Australia

President of the Queensland Social Enterprise Council (QSEC)

Inspiring advocate for holistic sustainability and social responsibility

Guides businesses towards a more eco-friendly and prosperous future

Yas Grigaliunas, a visionary entrepreneur and judge for the Sustainability Demo Day, brings her expertise in circular economy principles and social entrepreneurship to evaluate innovative solutions addressing environmental and societal challenges. Through her inspiring speaking style, Yas encourages individuals and organisations to embrace sustainable practices for a positive impact on the future.

Stewart Moore

Founder and CEO of EarthCheck

Stewart Moore is the CEO and Founder of EarthCheck, the world’s leading scientific certification, benchmarking, advisory and consulting organisations for sustainable travel and tourism. He is one of the Asia Pacific’s most experienced planning and management consultants. Stewart has over 30 years of experience in a wide range of disciplines from business and strategic planning, policy development, tourism destination management and marketing, sustainability, risk management and corporate and social responsibility.

As a judge for the Sustainability Demo Day, Stewart Moore's vast experience with planning and management consulting and sustainable business practices will provide valuable insights for participants.

Amanda Newbery

Founder and MD of Articulous Communications

Winner of the International community engagement project of the year in 2019

Chaired the nation's first Centre for Civic Innovation for the Smart Cities Council for Aus New Zealand

Judged the inaugural national Smart Cities Awards

Specialises in large-scale planning, deliberative engagement, and controversial projects

As a judge for the Sustainability Demo Day, Amanda Newbery brings her expertise in community engagement and digital communication to evaluate the innovative sustainable solutions presented by participants.

Phoenix Laser Cleaning & Restoration

Phoenix Laser Cleaning & Restoration is at the forefront of sustainable industrial surface preparation. Utilising cutting-edge laser technology, they offer a faster, smarter, and eco-friendly solution for cleaning surfaces in various industries, including oil and gas, mining, engineering, and more. The laser technology efficiently removes contaminants without the need for hazardous materials or toxic chemicals, ensuring a positive impact on the environment. With a customer-centric approach and a commitment to operational efficiency, Phoenix Laser Cleaning & Restoration is paving the way for cleaner and more sustainable industrial practices.

Farmer Stays

Embark on a regenerative and sustainable farm stay adventure with Farmer Stays, a trailblazer in connecting people with authentic agricultural experiences. Advocating for climate action, they donate 1% of profits to environmental conservation, emphasising a commitment to a greener future. Through their platform, Farmer Stays not only introduces you to the raw beauty of regional Australia but also fosters connections to sustainable living and environmentally sound practices. By choosing Farmer Stays, you support a community-driven initiative dedicated to growth, environmental protection, and a unique farm-to-table experience.


In the spotlight at the Sustainability Demo Day, rePodder™ stands as a beacon of sustainable change in the world of coffee consumption. This ingenious solution redefines the recycling process for Nespresso® pods, eliminating the need for complex "collect & return" methods. As a participant in the event, rePodder™ demonstrated its commitment to reducing the environmental impact of a daily ritual for many and the waste it generates. The tool's unique approach not only ensures convenient kerbside recycling but also addresses the global issue of excessive coffee capsule waste. With rePodder™, recycling becomes a simple, inclusive, and environmentally conscious practice.

Mini Farm Project

The Mini Farm Project takes a bold stance against food insecurity in Australia. With over 2 million households experiencing severe food shortages, rising costs, and climate impacts, The Mini Farm Project aims to change this narrative. By building a network of sustainable charity farms, spanning from Tweed Heads to Cairns, the initiative is dedicated to providing free, year-round access to nutritious food for Australians in need. Their innovative approach includes diverse support options, from joining the Inner Circle to sponsoring a garden bed or even engaging with Mini Farm Project NFTs. Through sustainable farming practices, they not only provide fresh produce to local charities but also foster community strength and resilience. The Mini Farm Project is on a mission to make nutritious food a right, not a privilege, and the Sustainability Demo Day showcased their impactful efforts.

Waste Less Australia

Waste Less is pioneering a revolutionary approach to waste management. Through their innovative app, consumers can effortlessly identify, refuse, and recycle waste, contributing to a lower landfill and a richer recycling stream. The Waste Less platform, leveraging AI and Big Data, not only empowers individuals to make sustainable choices but also fosters circular economies at the community level. By donating 70% of profits to environmental protection initiatives, Waste Less is not just a waste management solution; it's a commitment to building a more sustainable and circular future.


Lifesize Plans

Lifesize Plans is revolutionising the construction and design industry. By offering true 1:1 scale walkthroughs using cutting-edge integrated projection technology, they address challenges like lengthy design processes, errors in accessibility, and material waste. Lifesize Plans not only inspires confidence in repurposing existing buildings but empowers local governments and developers with inclusive envisioning, identifying issues, promoting innovation, and fostering sustainability. Step into your project's future with Lifesize Plans, where sustainability meets visionary design.

Bin Bypass

Bin Bypass stands at the forefront of sustainable solutions for container recycling in public spaces. Their innovative docking stations retrofit existing infrastructure, allowing passersby to deposit containers for others to collect safely. With an ambitious impact goal of diverting 1.86 billion containers from landfill by 2026, Bin Bypass not only fosters positive recycling behaviotrs but also promotes a circular economy through their sustainable manufacturing practices, utilising recycled plastic materials and recyclable components. Join Bin Bypass in reshaping the future of container recycling, one dignified collection at a time.

Green Street

Green Street embodies the spirit of practical sustainability. With a mission to connect households, businesses, and communities, Green Street provides a comprehensive platform offering tools, resources, and a supportive community to help individuals and organisations reduce their carbon footprint. Join the movement at Green Street to discover sustainable practices, calculate your impact on climate change, and engage in meaningful actions that contribute to a greener, more eco-conscious future.

What Prizes Were Up For Grabs?

Ranging from Marketing, Advertising, and Legal packages to Mentoring, Consultation, and Education; the Prize Pool at this year's Sustainability Demo Day was valued at over $35,000 and full of opportunitites for participants and their businesses to level up and take the next step. These prizes were brought to you by the below organisations.

Small Business Internet Marketing (SBIM)

Small Business Internet Marketing (SBIM)

Marketing Strategy


Moreton Daily

Moreton Daily

Digital Advertising Package


Onyx Legal

Onyx Legal

Website Legal Audit + Website Legal Documents

up to $4,200

SRJ Walker Wayland (SRJWW)

SRJ Walker Wayland (SRJWW)

Sustainability = Profit Workshop


Startup Onramp

Startup Onramp

3 x Founders Course placements

$1,485 (with $5,000 (USD) in AWS credits per place)

Impact Boom

Impact Boom

Impact Consultation Session


Demo Day Prep Workshop

14th September | 9am - 1pm
Caboolture Hub

Before the Demo Day, finalists attended a transformative pre-event workshop on September 14th. Hosted by world-class trainer Jacqueline Nagle of Any Given Tuesday, the workshop refined participants' pitching, storytelling, speaking, positioning, business analysis, and strategy skills.

Photo Gallery

Below are a handful of snapshots from the Sustainability Demo Day and the Demo Day Prep Workshop.

For the complete photo gallery, and to relive the day, you can find the rest of the images when you click here.

Event Information

Moreton Bay Sustainability Demo Day 2023 took place on Thursday, 28th September from 10am – 3pm.

For a finalist to be selected, they must have been able and willing to attend a preparatory workshop on Thursday, 14th September from 9:30am – 2:30pm @ the Caboolture Hub.

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Innovation in Moreton Bay

Innovate Moreton Bay and the City of Moreton Bay remain dedicated to fostering innovation in the region. The Sustainability Demo Day is just one example of their ongoing commitment to the Regional Economic Development Strategy (REDS), which includes the objective of Moreton Bay becoming and maintaining its position as a top ten regional innovation hub.

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