Key Projects

Innovate Moreton Bay Workshop - The Data Edge

This workshop for startup founders, marketers and product leaders wasn't just about crunching numbers – it was about transforming data into fuel for growth. We equipped participants with knowledge and tools to harness the power of data and unlock actionable insights that drive success.

The Story of Founders - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Led by the Master of Ceremony, Aaron Birkby, Co-Founder and CEO of Tribe Global Ventures, he facilitated a panel discussion hosted at UniSC Moreton Bay.

Join by 55 guests, the esteemed panel of four including Vu Tran, Ellie Bakker, Ash Ivory, and Ian Mason, took a deep dive into the core of entrepreneurship and navigating the entrepreneurial voyage.

The panellists shared their varied experiences, insights and tales from their founder's journey, and engaged in interactive dialogue providing their diverse perspectives on pivotal aspects of founding and scaling a business.

Sustainability Demo Day 2023

What happens when you join forces with industry powerhouses and business owners on a mission to help solve global challenges?

The result, an awe-inspiring afternoon of thoughtful pitches, life-changing feedback, and genuine collaboration and connections.

The inaugural Moreton Bay Sustainability Demo Day was held at Eatons Hill Hotel on Thursday, 28 September, bringing together an exceptional lineup of businesses, social enterprises and initiatives committed to creating positive environmental and social impacts.

The Ultimate Pitch Workshop

Unlocking the secrets to impactful pitching with our interactive workshop, 'The Ultimate Pitch: How to Get What You Want'. Spearheaded by the expertise of Jacqueline Nagle, a renowned pitch coach and strategist, this workshop was a launching pad for Moreton Bay's budding entrepreneurs and business leaders, plus those who want to get more done where it matters most.

It focused on teaching participants the nuances of everyday pitching, empowering them with the right words and strategies to captivate and convert. Participants unearth a wealth of knowledge and practical tips shared during the hands-on session, an indispensable resource for any participants who want to leave a lasting impression and win buy-in from stakeholders in every area of their life.

Investment Readiness Workshop

Discover key insights from our highly interactive workshop, 'Investment Readiness: Preparing for a Successful Funding Journey'. This event, meticulously crafted by the experienced hands at Innovation Architects and Mandalay Venture Partners, catered specifically to Moreton Bay's entrepreneurs. The workshop aimed to unravel the complexities of the funding and investment landscape, introducing participants to a plethora of funding options and offering a deep-dive into critical investor terminologies. This page offers a comprehensive rundown of the invaluable strategies and lessons imparted during the event, making it a must-read for those steering their way through the world of startup financing.

The workshop's sessions ranged from 'Deciphering the Investment Landscape' to 'Mastering the Art of Capital Raising', each loaded with practical insights and real-world examples.

2023 Techstars Startup Weekend Moreton Bay

Over a thrilling 3-day event, 30+ aspiring entrepreneurs took part in the second Techstars Startup Weekend at Moreton Bay, hosted at the vibrant UniSC Moreton Bay campus.

From 26 - 28 May, these motivated individuals collaborated to bring their startup ideas to life, laying the groundwork for new businesses.

Varied teams, ranging from 1 to 4 members each, engaged with mentors, investors, and sponsors. They learnt to shape their idea into a viable business model, validate it with potential customers, and confidently pitch their business to a respected panel of judges.

Throughout this electrifying weekend, participants benefited from expert mentorship, participated in enlightening Masterclasses, received a range of cool swag, and competed for a share in an impressive prize pool worth over $20,000+

2023 Creative Industries Demo Day

What happens when creative industry trailblazers and visionary business owners come together with a shared mission to transform the world?

The outcome was an awe-inspiring day filled with captivating pitches, invaluable feedback, and genuine collaboration and connections.

On Thursday, April 27th, at TAFE Queensland Redcliffe, a hub for creative businesses in the region, Moreton Bay Regional Council and Innovate Moreton Bay hosted the 2023 Creative Industries Demo Day, raising the bar even higher for future events.

Aimed at discovering Moreton Bay businesses operating in the creative industries sector, eager to grow and access new markets and customers, the event featured eight finalists selected from a pool of numerous applicants. These innovative entrepreneurs had the opportunity to pitch their ideas in front of a panel of industry-leading judges and an audience of influential guests.

The Future of Gaming and Immersive Technologies

On Wednesday, February 15th, 2023, the Future of Gaming and Immersive Technologies event was held, and it was an insightful exploration into the future of gaming and immersive technologies. The event, hosted by Innovate Moreton Bay, delved into the profound impact of digital gaming on our lives, showcasing the evolution from co-op multiplayer online experiences to the emergence of the metaverse.

Startups are Hard: Innovate Moreton Bay Workshop

On Wednesday, 16th November, Moreton Bay Regional Council and Innovate Moreton Bay delivered the Startups are Hard Workshop with Peter Laurie. Peter guided 35 attendees through why it's so hard, what to do about it, and how he's helped many founders get started. The session was highly interactive and driven by questions from the audience that tapped into Peter's broad experience.

Moreton Bay Region 2022 Innovations Day

Innovations Day was an exciting half day event where forward-thinking leaders came together to immerse themselves in seeing first-hand what innovative and advanced manufacturing solutions are right here in the Moreton Bay Region.

2022 Mayor's Telstra Innovation Awards

Earlier this year, Moreton Bay Regional Council was proud to partner with Telstra to deliver the Mayor’s Telstra Innovation Awards (MTIA). The MTIA program help students learn, explore and develop their entrepreneurial passions.

During the program, students connected with mentors to help develop industry-relevant skills and promote critical thinking, and gained the tools they needed to bring their creative ideas to life.

2022 Teachers Coding & Robotics PD Workshops

Hosted at the University of the Sunshine Coast, this event provided Secondary education teachers within the Moreton Bay Region with the opportunity to better understand teaching tools and methodologies to support the development of new programs related to coding and robotics.

The workshop provided participants with an in-depth insight into how teachers can access coding and robotics hardware as well as how to incorporate this technology into their own course curriculum.

2022 Techstars Startup Weekend Moreton Bay

In just 54 hours, 15+ budding Entrepreneurs participated in the first Techstars Startup Weekend in Moreton Bay hosted at the USC Moreton Bay campus.

From 10 - 12 June, individuals with big ideas worked together to turn their start-up ideas into a reality, founding and building a new business.

Five teams of groups of 2 - 4 individuals worked with mentors, investors, and sponsors, learning how to develop their business idea into a sustainable business model, validate the idea to customers and pitch the business to the esteemed panel of judges.

Over the three-day weekend, participants received invaluable guidance from our stellar team of mentors, were treated to a series of Masterclasses, got some great swag, and shared in an amazing prize pool worth over $10,000

2022 Creative Industries Demo Day

What happens when you join forces with creative industry powerhouses and creative business owners on a mission to make the world a better place?

The result was an awe-inspiring afternoon of thoughtful pitches, life-changing feedback, and genuine collaboration and connections.

On Wednesday 4 May, at Caboolture Hub, the region’s epicentre for creative businesses, Moreton Bay Regional Council and Innovate Moreton Bay hosted the inaugural Creative Industries Demo Day, setting the bar high for future events

With an aim to unearth Moreton Bay businesses working in the creative industries sector, looking to grow, and access new markets and customers, the event featured six business owners, from a total pool of 17 applicants, pitching in front of a room of industry-leading judges and invited guests.

Innovation is strong in Moreton Bay

A benchmark report on five key Queensland regions, including the Moreton Bay Region, has found many regional firms were quick to adapt to the disruptions of COVID-19 by embracing new ways to do business and introducing new services.

Business Resilience in Challenging Times: Lessons from the Moreton Bay Region

Small regional businesses have been hardest hit by the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. University of the Sunshine Coast in collaboration with Innovate Moreton Bay conducted research to better understand small business resilience and assist the broader community.

Being a sustainable business in the Circular Economy

The dynamic duo of Leanne Kemp and Yasmin Grigaliunas fired up on the hottest current topic – the Circular Economy. Leanne’s experience and achievements with the innovative Everledger, the World Economic Forum and as Queensland’s Chief Entrepreneur matches her challenging approach to all things sustainable.

Fireside chat: How do businesses stay resilient and innovate during challenging times?

This panel, which took place at the 2020 Moreton Bay Region Business & Jobs Expo, discussed early findings from USC Research, conducted by Drs Retha de Villiers Scheepers and Noel Tracey, outlining how Moreton Bay businesses have been affected and how they are adapting and innovating amidst all the uncertainty.

Moreton Kids Festival 2020

Moreton Kids Festival celebrates the wide-eyed wonderment and ethusiasm of youth with a program of family-friendly entertainment.

Innovate Moreton Bay has partnered with MBRIT and Moreton Kids Festival for the purpose of engaging with young people to encourage and inspire innovation and technology at a grassroots level. The Innovative Kids feature activations including robotics, coding, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and more.

Entrepreneurial Talent & Capacity Development in the Moreton Bay Ecosystem

Moreton Bay is one of Australia's fastest growing areas, projected to grow 690,000 residents by 2041. The region strives to further develop their dynamic economy, invest in critical infrastructure projects and networks, and stimulate and support innovative business development.

Innovate Moreton Bay, supported by Advance Queensland's Advancing Regional Innovation Program (ARIP), and its key partners have implemented various initiatives from 2018 to 2020 to stimulate the local innovation ecosystem and turn the region into a hub for innovation and enterprise.

QODE 2020 Innovate Moreton Bay Delegation

Learn about Innovate Moreton Bay's delegation to QODE 2020.

Moreton Bay Tough

To highlight the inspiring stories and to cultivate the region’s community spirit, Moreton Bay Region Industry & Tourism (MBRIT), in partnership with Moreton Bay Regional Council and USC, supported by 16 business partners including Innovate Moreton Bay, have developed the Moreton Bay Tough campaign.

Business Moreton Bay Region

Business Moreton Bay Region is the number one resource centre empowering our region's small businesses by providing communications, resources and support relevant to the five stages of business. Subscribe to Business Moreton Bay Region to:

  • Learn the latest Local, State and Feeral business news
  • Discover local training and professional development opportunities
  • Connect with key stakeholders and networks in the region
  • Engage with our world-class business events

Conquering COVID

The work of Conquering Covid is initially focussed on support activity with businesses in Samford and Moreton Bay Region, engaging with groups such as the Samford Chamber of Commerce and the Samford Sustainable Business Precinct. RDA Moreton Bay and its constituent groups are a key facilitating agency.

Sustainable Moreton Bay

The Sustainable Moreton Bay Business Toolbox will help businesses to be more sustainable economically and ecologically. Practical ideas, guidelines and networks will enable businesses to be more connected, more viable and more ethical - doing well while doing good.

Green Street

Green Street is designed and sponsored by people who believe grassroots action is needed so that we can live more sustainably at home, at work and in the community.

Sustainable Startup Hub

The Sustainable Startup Hub will be a focal point for innovators in Moreton Bay Region and collaborating regional hubs, supporting an ecosystem that fosters sustainable growth.

FounderFest 2019

Read about the inaugural Innovate Moreton Bay FounderFest program.

Innovate Moreton Bay QODE 2019 Delegation

Learn about Innovate Moreton Bay's delegation to the QODE 2019 regional showcase.

Moreton Kids Festival 2019

Moreton Kids Festival celebrates the wide-eyed wonderment and ethusiasm of youth with a program of family-friendly entertainment.

Innovate Moreton Bay has partnered with MBRIT and Moreton Kids Festival for the purpose of engaging with young people to encourage and inspire innovation and technology at a grassroots level. The Innovative Kids feature activations including robotics, coding, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and more.

STEM Robo Camps

Innovate Moreton Bay and Grace Lutheran College are proud to be able to offer STEM Robotics Camps based on the Lego platform to students across the region. These camps are offered at no cost to the community and are a commitment from Innovate Moreton Bay and Grace Lutheran College to support students in the region. These camps run either at Grace Lutheran College Rothwell campus or at local schools, generally lasting between one and two days. During these camps students learn how to approach challenges using the Problem Based Learning (PBL) approach. if you are interested in being involved in this innovative project please contact Innovate Moreton Bay for more details.

Lego League

Innovate Moreton Bay and Grace Lutheran College are proud to partner in support children in the Queensland region by hosting significant robotics competitions including FIRST® LEGO® League. These competitions whilst are based around robotics generally tend to train children in softer skills such as resilience, community focus and teamwork. if you are interested in learning more about FIRST®

FIRST Robotics (Team Australia)

Grace Lutheran College has been proud to represent Australia in the world's most prestigious robotics event – FIRST® Global Challenge. The College has been selected out of 600 teams Australia wide over the last four consecutive years to represent our nation. Locations for this event have included Washington DC, Mexico City, Dubai and more recently the COVID19 safe Internet. Grace College has been awarded silver medals at all events attended, an incredible achievement considering only one team per nation and over 170 nations present. Grace has also enjoyed the support of fellow Innovate Moreton Bay partner Costal Protection Core.

BCI Robot

Our latest project is the BCI Robot Community STEM Program. The Build – Create – Innovate a robot that is been developed from the ground up within the region at Grace Lutheran College is available to students throughout the Moreton Bay Area will be able to engage in next level technology building and coding whilst engaging in collaborative teamwork environments.