Innovate Moreton Bay Monthly Social Catch-Up

3rd Wednesday of Every Month

Join our monthly Social Catch-Up to connect with individuals from Moreton Bay's Business and Innovation Ecosystems. 

The event emphasises the significance of collaboration for innovation, providing an opportunity to stay informed about relevant topics and events. Attendees are encouraged to think about their purpose (WHY), how they can help others, and how others can assist them.

This event is open to local business owners, entrepreneurs, innovators, students, and anyone seeking to connect with like-minded individuals. The atmosphere is casual and comfortable, fostering a conducive environment for networking and collaboration. The Social Catch-Up aims to facilitate meaningful connections that may contribute to the advancement of participants' projects and ideas. Collaboration is key to innovation - and you never know who you might meet. Join us and connect with others who may be able to assist in taking your project to the next level.

To get the most out of the Social Catch-Up, we recommend you think about:

  • What's your WHY?
  • How can you help others?
  • How can others help you?

Event Details

Date: Third Wednesday of every month (Wednesday 19 June)

Time: 3pm – 5pm

Location: North Lakes Sports Club

Cost: Free

RSVP: None needed! Drop in when you can and leave when you have to.

Who Should Come?

Local business owners, entrepreneurs, innovators, students, and those simply wanting to connect with like-minded thinkers and tinkers in a comfortable, casual environment.

Find Out More

Get in touch with Moreton Bay Regional Innovation Coordinator,

This event is proudly presented by City of Moreton Bay.