Metromatics - Case Study


Metromatics is a Moreton Bay based business with offices throughout Australia and a presence in New Zealand. Metromatics specialises in computing and technology, digital signage, electrical components, system integration and design and embedded solutions.

Over the past 33 years, Metromatics have completed a wide range of projects across various industries, including the defence and aerospace industries, the automotive industry and the transportation industry.

In 2019, Metromatics won the Award for Innovation Excellence at the Moreton Bay Business & Innovation Awards for their Augmented Hearing Loop System. Metromatics understands that innovation is fundamental to growing a business, and maintains a major focus on research and development in order to ensure that they continue to innovate in new and exciting ways.

Product Showcase: Augmented Hearing Loop System

Winner of the 2019 Award for Innovation Excellence, Metromatics’ Augmented Hearing Loop System is a text-to-speech product designed to aid those with visual and hearing impairments. Primarily used in the public transport system, it includes a hearing loop for those with hearing impairments, as well as a speaker for visually impaired people.

The Augmented Hearing Loop System has been implemented throughout the public transport system in Adelaide, and has also been utilised within Brisbane. Metromatics is currently working on a second iteration of the product, with an aim to expand this beyond the public transport system.

Innovation in Moreton Bay

Technical Sales and Engineering Manager Mitch Callon, explains that Metromatics views innovation in Moreton Bay, in collaboration with Moreton Bay Regional Council, as being “extremely important for keeping Moreton Bay on the map, to promote collaboration between businesses, and to nurture and harvest ideas for the future.”

Mitch considers council initiatives such as the Moreton Bay Business and Innovation Awards to be extremely important in allowing local businesses to get their ideas out there, and in bringing exposure to the innovative work occurring in our region.

To those who are new to, or considering joining the innovation system, Mitch’s advice is to not be afraid of failure. He explains that sometimes it can take years for an idea to become a marketable product, but that people shouldn’t “be afraid to take risks or to ask for help from others in the industry”.

Case Study Series

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