Family business celebrates 130 years

During the past 18 months, businesses have reinvented themselves to tackle a global pandemic but Packer Leather, one of the oldest and most respected family businesses in the Moreton Bay Region, has just celebrated 130 years of operation and for them ‘digging deep’ is nothing new.

World wars, the Great Depression, the Global Financial Crisis, a factory relocation and new technologies and processes to match an overseas market has built resilience and fostered an open-minded approach with the six generations of the family leading the Packer Leather business based at Narangba.

There have been some significant milestones in Packer Leather’s story including the wool scour closing in 1965, due to market conditions, the tannery becoming the main source of income and the government resuming 14 acres of the factory’s land in 1967 which resulted in its relocation to Narangba.

Packer Leather’s Chairman of the Board and fourth generation family member Lindsay Packer has taken time to reflect this week on his 60 years with the company and recently shared some of the pivotal moments with his 115 staff when they gathered to celebrate this important milestone.

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