Full STEAM Ahead for Moreton Bay Region Students

Moreton Bay Region Students Solving Big World Problems with STEAM

Students from four schools throughout the Moreton Bay Region were asked to solve problems currently challenging the world at the recent STEAM Immersion Program sponsored by Innovate Moreton Bay and devised and facilitated by Samford commons.

Fourteen students from four schools in Moreton Bay were asked to and build a robot which could do what polar bears are finding increasingly difficult to do – move safely from iceberg to iceberg in the fast melting ice cap. Robotics guru from Grace Lutheran College at Rothwell helped students solve the problem.

The focus on science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) also included a visit to the Translational Research Institute to hear from star cancer researcher Dr Fiona Simpson and to immerse themselves in the benefits of collaboration in science.

Samford identity, Doug Brownlow, hosted students at Eden Bush Foods forest in Camp Mountain where they discovered the wonders of Lemon Myrtles and other edible bush foods.

Stop offs at The Leisa Tree, Long Yard Larder, Samford Design and Copy and Four Seasons Organics gave nice insights into Samford businesses having a go at being environmentally sustainable while a design thinking session with Natalie from local business STEM Punks got students thinking about solving a farming problem.

Mixed in with sessions on the sustainability jigsaw and projects delivered by Samford Commons the students had a great end to their year and program organisers Ellena Stone and Howard Nielsen were very happy with the 90%+ satisfaction rating given by the year 7 and 8 students.

β€œThe STEAM Immersion program is a providing an interactive foundation to foster innovative thinking for our regions young thinkers and thinkers in a collaborative way β€œ said Steve Butler from Innovate Moreton Bay.

With support and project sponsorship from many local businesses, members of Samford Commons, Innovate Moreton Bay, Grace Lutheran College and Advance Queensland, the STEAM Immersion Project was a big hit!