Innovate Moreton Bay QODE Regional Showcase: Stanley Roads

Innovate Moreton Bay QODE Regional Showcase: Stanley Roads

Stanley Roads is a Queensland based company with a company heritage of over 50 years' experience and expertise in the road construction industry.

Dedicated to enhancing the road construction industry in Australia by providing the highest quality products and services, adopting proven new technologies and approaches, and working in partnership with customers to deliver superior solutions.

Stanley Roads work practices are underpinned with a culture of safety, environmental responsibility and accountability fostering an environment of growth and respect among their employees and for surrounding communities.

Stanley Roads has undertaken extensive research and development to design and implement a recycling system which could take used road materials and combine some of Australia's significant waste stockpile issues, while delivering that same or better-quality road materials when compared to virgin made asphalt.

Stanley Roads has revolutionised Australia's road construction industry, developing next generation asphalt technologies focusing on transforming waste asphalt into high quality recycled materials which can be recycled back on Australia's roads. The company is an industry leader in asphalt pavement waste to reuse technology fostering low carbon footprints and creating a circular economy.