Innovate Moreton Bay QODE Regional Showcase: ViewData

Innovate Moreton Bay QODE Regional Showcase: ViewData

ViewData is quite simply the easiest way on the planet to create a map using your own data. These days companies have access to more and more data, the challenge is how to use that data to drive better business decisions.

Whether you are trying to mitigate risk, understand sales performance or re-engineer your marketing strategy to make it more efficient, ViewData will help you make those decisions.

Simply drag and drop your CSV file of data into the map browser and the rest is done for you. Columns of tabular data that you don't understand are turned into maps that are clear, concise and, above all, visual. Now start segmenting your data to reveal the answers to those questions that have been eluding you. All with a click of your mouse.

Understand your sales, now let's look at your customers. Open up the demographic profiler and display your ideal customer location. Look for age groups and gender, occupations home ownership or income, the list goes on. Businesses are right now using ViewData to de-risk their decision making. Get on board and join the data revolution.