Managing Mental Health in 2020 as a Founder

Free confidential sessions extended until September 11

Consultations will be during working hours from 9am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday. You will have the choice of In person or Virtual consultations 5 days a week until September 11 for free.

  • In person: Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays in a private space at the Precinct in Fortitude Valley; and Thursdays and Fridays at Dr Diane Harner’s private practice in Everton Hills.
  • Online: Monday to Friday within working hours, via Zoom.

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Managing Mental Health in 2020 as a Founder

Special Panel Presentation

Friday 21 August (11.00am - 12.00pm)

What a year 2020 has been for Founders! Life is different and the road to recovery is not only economical, but also personal. Keeping focused on our own state of health is critical for Founders and we hope to step into the remainder of the year with a healthy outlook both inside and out.

This event will explore the panel’s members own journey as a Founder and times where mental health has been challenged and what they have done or learnt in order to build the framework that allows them to deal with barriers as they arise.

The panel members will be joined by our Expert on Panel, Dr Diane Harner from Clever Minds Consulting. A Neuroscientist and Counsellor, Dr Diane will help us understand our brain and physiology behind some of the symptoms we may experience as high pressured Founders and professionals and what we can do to counterbalance to keep us mentally healthy and sustainable in building the future of our societies!

The Panel will be made up of four fantastic QLD Founders so register to learn more!

Moderated by Pauline Fetaui, GM of River City Labs, Founder of CheeHoo and Co-Host of Splash of Colour Podcast


Mental Health for Founders

To support you checking in on how you are going, in August Advance Queensland is supporting free confidential mental health consultations with CleverMinds Consulting. These consultations are exclusive to Founders in the Precinct, Qld Regional and River City Labs.

Take this opportunity to meet with an objective and confidential health care professional, unpack and reflect what you have been through this year, where you are going and source tools to keep you going in your start-up journey! We are supporting 60 appointments free with CleverMinds Consulting in August 2020 only.