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Mental Health Check-ins for Founders

What a year 2020 has been for Founders! One day we’re shaking hands, the next we’re jumping on Zoom calls for team meetings. Life is different and the road to recovery is not only economical, but also personal.

With the changes associated with COVID-19, we’ve become exhausted as our priorities shift and our brains are trying to understand what we need to do. There’s no doubt that this pandemic has impacted the way we communicate and collaborate. This change leaves space for uncertainty and anxiety that is associated with trying to adapt to our new environment and moving out of routine.

It’s important as Founders to address this uncertainty and anxiety and focus on our Mental Health as it directly affects, not only our business and livelihood, but also our personal life. Being healthy mentally can promote productivity and effectiveness in activities which is vital to having a seamless business transition emerging out of quarantine. Even if you don’t want to, we all need to check in with ourselves!

If emotional or mental health is disrupting your life, it’s important to seek support for your wellbeing.

Mental Health for Founders

To support you checking in on how you are going, in August Advance Queensland is supporting free mental health consultations with CleverMinds Consulting. These consultations are exclusive to Founders in the Precinct, regional Qld and River City Labs. Take this opportunity to meet with an objective health care professional, unpack and reflect what you have been through this year, where you are going and source tools to keep you going in your start-up journey! We are offering 60 appointments free with CleverMinds Consulting in August 2020 only.

How is the service delivered?

Consultations will be during working hours from 9am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday.
You will have the choice of In person or Virtual consultations 5 days a week during August 2020 for free.

  • In person Brisbane: Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays in a private space in The Precinct, Fortitude Valley; or Thursdays and Fridays at Clever Minds Consulting private practice in Everton Hills.
  • Online: Monday to Friday within working hours, via Zoom.

To book, please use this link:

Password: Founders_Health

All sessions will be covered by the CleverMinds Consulting Conditions of Service and Consent; and Confidentiality Agreement which will be presented to, and signed by, the client at the beginning of the first session. All details of the session will remain confidential.