Moreton Bay Regional Council begins recruitment of MILLovate Board

Moreton Bay Regional Council begins recruitment of MILLovate Board

Moreton Bay Regional Council has begun the hunt to recruit the Australia's best and brightest minds in law, accounting, land use planning and the property industry to form the inaugural board of MILLovate Pty Ltd.

Moreton Bay Regional Council Mayor Peter Flannery announced applications are now being accepted.

“This is the moment we go from talking about what’s possible in Moreton Bay Region and start putting years of planning into action,” he said.

“So if you’re experienced on company boards and you’re a bold, agile thinker with proven track record of identifying future trends - then this is your opportunity to drive the next big thing in southeast Queensland.

“I’m pleased that the future development and investment decisions to unlock a major piece of The Mill PDA will be decided by this independent board of experts, free of political influence.

“This means the board will be free of bureaucratic and political constrictions, so they can focus on attracting new investment to create new industries and deliver new job opportunities for decades to come, with a longer-term view rather than the political cycles of Council.”

Queensland Chief Entrepreneur praises innovation hub vision

Queensland’s Chief Entrepreneur Leanne Kemp said it was an exciting decision that marked the start of something big.

“The Mill PDA is a bold new vision for the region. As Queensland’s Chief Entrepreneur, and a proud local from Samford Valley, I am excited at the prospect of what’s been proposed to transform a large site into an innovation hub,” she said.

“The Mill is driven by a strong vision, based firmly in the community and will be a technology-enabled precinct which will become a shining example of a space that will help us as we transform smart cities into intelligent communities.

“Council must be congratulated on their vision for a future-focused, connected, liveable city that embraces innovation at a transformative time.

“Queensland’s “Building Our Innovation Economy” policy provides for a well-considered blueprint and framework for how technology hubs like The Mill can be the catalyst to create digital corridors, digital trade windows and innovation precincts in our state. Alongside new internet connectivity and digital infrastructure, this will spark entirely new businesses, jobs and economy opportunities.

“We are so fortunate in Queensland to have incredible natural resources, natural beauty and natural talent; there are thousands of innovators, inventors, entrepreneurs and startups across the state and this new precinct gives us the opportunity to foster innovation and put Queensland on the map internationally.”

Leading Australian demographer backs Moreton Bay Regional Council

Australia’s leading futurist and demographer Bernard Salt said board members would be responsible for challenging the status quo to improve the quality of life for future residents.

“I would not want to see this region in the 2020s and 2030s develop as a dormitory suburb of Brisbane. I’d actually want my kids to have the option of having a fulfilling career locally,” he said.

“I’d love to see a greater emphasis on the development of professional jobs because now that the university’s up and running, you’ll see a stronger professional job element moving into the demographic in the next five or six years.

“With USC now open in Petrie, I absolutely think it’s the right thing for the local Council to get right behind it and the railway and anything else that delivers job opportunities and fluidity to this part of southeast Queensland.”

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