Queensland Regional Innovation Benchmark (QRIB)

Queensland Regional Innovation Benchmark (QRIB) - Research Report

In 2021, the University of the Sunshine Coast lead a research project which aimed to assess regional businesses’ innovation capability and performance, based on a validated measurement framework, and compare with Queensland and Australian data. Resulting in one Benchmark Report which shows areas of good performance and priorities for action for each region.


The Moreton Bay region

The Moreton Bay region is the third largest local government area in Australia and has experienced considerable population growth over the last five years. As a peri-urban region it offers a diversity of lifestyle choices of hinterland, agricultural areas, industrial nodes and retail centres.

The region is strategically located in being close to Brisbane’s CBD, the airport and port, with access to export and digital economy infrastructure.

The Regional Economic Development Strategy (REDS) launched in 2021 acknowledged the important role entrepreneurship and innovation needs to play to transform the region based on its vision for a bigger, bolder and brighter Moreton Bay.

Innovate Moreton Bay and Moreton Bay Region Industry and Tourism (MBRIT) have been instrumental in positioning the region as a choice location for entrepreneurs, innovators, exporters and investors through the ARIP program. This is acknowledged by the Moreton Bay Regional Council and the REDS 2021-2041 outlines how key partners in the region’s involvement is needed to build on this foundation for the future.

  • 42 per cent of firms report implementing new innovations
  • 12 per cent of firms report implementing a novel, new-to-the-industry innovation
  • 42 per cent of innovators collaborate, giving them access to new markets, the ability to develop staff and management capabilities and an expanded range of products and services
  • Two thirds of firms were aware of business support including mentoring (51 per cent), business development (42 per cent) and grants (38 per cent).
  • Moreton Bay innovators experienced a significant increase in sales from new products and introduced services
  • Businesses reflected Moreton Bay Region’s Bigger, Bolder and Brighter mantra which is driving its Regional Economic Development Strategy


The full research report is now publicly available.

You can also read more about the findings of this research HERE