Telstra will be closing it's 3G network on June 30 2024!

In 2019, Telstra announced the impending closure of its 3G network, also known as the Telstra Next G network, by June 30, 2024. The decision was made to repurpose the 3G spectrum for enhanced coverage and reliability on the 4G and 5G mobile networks.

When 3G was introduced in 2003, mobile devices were primarily used for calls, texting, and basic online activities. However, the technological landscape has evolved over the past 20 years, with mobile devices now being integral to data-heavy tasks. Telstra is continually upgrading its mobile network technology, transitioning from 3G to 4G and 5G, with plans for future upgrades to 6G.

After the closure of the 3G network, Telstra plans to repurpose the radio spectrum to expand the capacity and reach of its 5G network. Customer communication about the phasing out of 3G began in October 2019, allowing users sufficient time to understand and adapt to the impending changes.

Telstra has been actively working to align 4G coverage with the existing 3G coverage in the lead-up to the 3G closure. This involves upgrading 3G sites with 4G technology, installing new 4G sites, and optimising existing ones to achieve equivalent 4G coverage in areas where 3G coverage is currently exclusive.

It's important to note that mobile coverage is influenced by various factors unrelated to technology, such as the environment, device sensitivity, and usage patterns. Terrain features, local geography, and changes in the environment can affect coverage, making it inherently variable.

Device variability also plays a role, as not all devices have the same network sensitivity. Telstra's 'Blue Tick' devices undergo thorough testing to maximise coverage reach. The way a device is used, such as its positioning, can also impact coverage.

Telstra emphasises that signal bars displayed on devices may not accurately reflect the level of coverage, as there are no standards between mobile device manufacturers for signal bars. Therefore, users should consider these factors to ensure a smooth transition to 4G and maintain coverage equivalence.

As of the closure date, users might have questions about this transition. Telstra has provided answers to frequently asked questions about the 3G shutdown.

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