Ozius Biome - Case Study

About Ozius

Headquartered on Bribie Island, Ozius is at the forefront of the environmental analytics and Earth observation industry. Founded by Alisa Starkey, Chief Science Officer, the company harnesses advanced AI, remote sensing data, and environmental science to deliver real-time insights for businesses and governments alike. Answering complex spatial questions and solving critical business challenges in built and natural environments. With a staunch commitment to minimising environmental impact and promoting sustainability, Ozius provides cutting-edge solutions that empower businesses to make informed decisions and catalyse positive change.

Product Showcase: Ozius Biome

Ozius Biome is a game-changing platform that revolutionises business intelligence through advanced Earth observation. Built on a foundation of AI, remote sensing and environmental science, Biome offers businesses a comprehensive 3D overview of their operating environment, enabling them to locate, investigate, and analyse large areas in real time. With features like hyperlocal change detection, 3D vegetation structures, and seamless integration with enterprise systems, Biome empowers businesses to identify opportunities, mitigate risks, and make data-driven decisions to minimise their environmental footprint. From resources and energy, corporate finance and insurance to government sectors, Biome provides tailored solutions that deliver timely and actionable information, driving sustainability and long-term success.

Why Moreton Bay?

Based out of Bribie Island, Ozius has built and scaled a genuinely innovative business and solutions that has provided more than 1.5 billion hectares of environmental data, leading to change within their industry and the sectors they serve.

Moreton Bay provides an ideal environment for Ozius to thrive as a leader in environmental analytics, attracting both the company and its founder, Alisa Starkey, to the region with its thriving innovation ecosystem and stunning natural assets. Alisa shares her passion, stating, "One of the things I love doing is travelling across Australia and being able to say that I can live anywhere and that I've been able to work here in Moreton Bay and enjoy our natural beauty as well as innovate." She continued, "As we look forward to 2032, what I look forward to the most is the diversity of innovation that we're seeing being grown locally."

Advice for Others

The road to innovation isn’t devoid of challenges or uncertainty. From technological constraints to the pressure of challenging the status quo, Ozius Biome has weathered them all, and naturally, the triumphs now come with a greater sense of accomplishment. Drawing from her own experiences and the journey of Ozius Biome, Alisa Starkey advises: "For new founders and business owners starting out on their own innovation journey, I say the time is now and don't be afraid." Opportunity and guidance can be found in those around you, you only need to tap into what’s available to you.

"There is a community out there to support the journey."

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