Phoenix Laser - Case Study

About Phoenix Laser Cleaning & Restoration

Established in Moreton Bay, Phoenix Laser Cleaning & Restoration offers mobile laser cleaning services as a safer alternative to conventional methods like sandblasting and chemical cleaning. Leveraging cutting-edge laser technology, Phoenix stands out for its ability to provide efficient, intelligent, and environmentally friendly services. The company supports operational efficiencies and extends its expertise by offering laser sales to clients eager to incorporate this innovative technology into their processes.

Reducing the ecological footprint is a top priority for Phoenix, as well as supporting cost and time savings for businesses. The committed team at Phoenix adopts a hands-on approach, collaborating closely with clients and technology partners to guarantee optimal outcomes.

As Co-Founder Mitchell says, “The technology itself is always teaching us new things every day, and we're quite excited about what the future holds for this technology.”

Product Showcase

Laser technology presents a myriad of advantages through its rapid, safe, intelligent, and impeccably clean methodology, harnessing the formidable power of light. The surging demand for this cutting-edge technology reflects a growing inclination among companies to adopt a more innovative approach in enhancing their cleaning and restoration processes.

The laser shoots bullets of infrared light onto the contaminated surface, creating high-energy that creates a reaction similar to a small explosion. The contaminants absorb the high energy very quickly and heat up, which forces the contaminant to shrink and crimp off of the surface either as a gas or dust, which can easily be vacuumed away. The substrate remains cool during the entire process, and once the contaminant is completely removed, the original surface is left clean and undamaged.

Unlike traditional cleaning and restoration services, the laser process uses no hazardous materials or harsh chemicals, and there is little to no mess is left behind. They are mobile and can operate in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Why Moreton Bay?

Phoenix places significant importance on both economic growth and development. As Co-Founder Mitchell shares “we are adding value to our industries and community by offering new skills and development, creating job opportunities and creating a more diverse workforce.”

Mitchell emphasises the crucial role of community growth, development, and stability in contributing to Phoenix's success. “The success of Phoenix is definitely built around the team's dedication and passion for our technology, but also the support we get, especially from the City of Moreton Bay and the team there have been pivotal to our success in the support that they've provided us and introducing us to other local businesses that support us.”

Advice to Others

For those embarking on their innovation journey, Mitchell recommends using support resources from within the community. In his words “Make sure that you ask. If you don't ask, you won’t receive.”

His path, filled with both challenges and triumphs, epitomises the act of seizing opportunities and connecting with local businesses, or as Mitchell puts it “The best advice we could give to other entrepreneurs and innovation companies is to surround yourself with like-minded people. People that will support you, and that share the same vision and goals.”

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