Something Digital Delegation

The Something Digital Conference 2023, held in Brisbane's lively Fortitude Valley precinct, emerged as a symbol of innovation and a celebration of Brisbane's digital prowess. Spearheaded by the City of Moreton Bay Council and with unwavering support from Innovate Moreton Bay, a diverse and dynamic delegation from Moreton Bay marked their robust presence at this two-day event, emphasising the region's commitment to digital evolution and its ambition to be recognised as a global nexus for digital innovation.

Cultivating the Digital Vanguard: A Bit of Backstory

Sparked by a suggestion and driven by a shared mission of fostering digital innovation throughout Moreton Bay, the City of Moreton Bay Council and Innovate Moreton Bay teamed up to place the thinkers and tinkers of Moreton Bay at the digital world's cutting-edge.

Recognising the invaluable prospects the conference held, the Council extended a generous hand, offering a remarkable subsidised ticket rate to eager participants. For a mere $150, against the regular ticket value of $499, a lucky cohort of 21 delegates got the chance to bear witness to these transformative lessons and ideas. The delegates' journeys began with an Expression of Interest (EOI) process, like so many other #TeamMoretonBay opportunities. EOIs closed on August 17, 2023, setting the stage for the digital odyssey that followed and leaving the difficult task of shortlisting our delegates. Beyond the insights from the conference, the delegation enjoyed meticulous support and coordination from #TeamMoretonBay, donning their pride with specially made hoodies and swag, representing the unity and spirit of the Moreton Bay community.

A Transformational Expedition

As the conference drew to a close, a renewed sense of purpose, pride, and anticipation enveloped Innovate Moreton Bay. The delegation's participation wasn't just a mere presence; it encapsulated a transformative journey for Moreton Bay. A journey that emphasised the importance of cutting-edge technology, fostered collaboration, and marked a step towards a digitally enriched future. Viviana Castrillon Olave aptly encapsulated the sentiment, "Feeling truly honoured and grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this experience, and connecting with amazing individuals. A heartfelt thank you for making it all possible!"

Unveiling Insights and Forging Connections

The 'Interconnections' theme became a crucible for spirited discussions, enlightening masterclasses, and unmatched networking avenues. A plethora of topics were dissected by nearly 100 speakers, from artificial intelligence and quantum computing to digital rights. Delegates, including those from Moreton Bay, immersed themselves in these discourses, extracting insights that would go on to sculpt the digital contours of their regions. Matchsticks Marketing Agency observed, "The impact of emerging and improving technologies on our humanity and lives was central to the topic of this year's #SomethingDigital conference. Everything from trust, design, decision-making, engineering, and relationships was explored."

Moreton Bay's Digital Renaissance

The insights and experiences gained at the conference have primed the delegates from Moreton Bay to be the torchbearers of a digital renaissance in the region. This renewed vision will inject fresh methodologies and initiatives into the entrepreneurial DNA of the region, with businesses across the spectrum poised to harness these insights to augment their digital footprints. Shaun Reeves shared, "The conference aimed to inspire... A big thanks to MBRIT, Innovate Moreton Bay, and the City of Moreton Bay for the invitation."

Staying Ahead in the Digital Odyssey

Innovate Moreton Bay's commitment to digital excellence extends beyond the conference. We are steadfast in our mission to keep Moreton Bay at the front of innovation and entrepreneurship. To stay updated with our ventures, follow Innovate Moreton Bay on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, or subscribe to our monthly newsletter for a selection of the most impactful events, funding, programs, opportunities, and news curated for the innovators of Moreton Bay. In a digital terrain that is in perpetual flux, Innovate Moreton Bay is committed to ensuring that the region is always equipped to excel.

Outcomes and Beyond

The Something Digital Conference 2023 wasn't just an event for #TeamMoretonBay; it was an affirmation of their capability for digital innovation. Their zealous participation, insatiable knowledge appetite, and pursuit of excellence position Moreton Bay as a potential international hub for innovation. As they helm this new digital age, the future indeed looks promising for Moreton Bay. Together, let's navigate towards this envisioned future.

Action Advisory

You're feeling the pressure. Profits are slipping, inefficiency is draining your resources, and your team is struggling. You're constantly putting out fires, wasting time on busy work, and feeling overwhelmed by the chaos. You want more for your business: predictable outcomes, happy employees, growth, and success. But how do you get there?

At Action Advisory, we understand your struggle and are here to help. We focus on the real problems that hold you back. We offer a free process audit, process discover, change management, and practical solutions tailored to your unique needs. Our results are tangible, including over $300K of identified improvements since May and fast, effective implementation of $84K in August. Whether you're just starting out or leading an established business, we're committed to helping you achieve efficiency and growth.

Your success is our priority. We're dedicated to helping you deliver on your promise to customers, reduce stress, and create a thriving work environment. By providing support, guidance, and tools, we take the chaos out of running your business and set you on the path to a achieving your business growth goals. Find out how Action Advisory can help you reach your goals by exploring more information on our website.

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Michael Fox


Phone: 0432 274 359


JWA specialises in providing innovative and sustainable solutions through reusable composite mats, catering to a wide spectrum of industries. With our main depot in Brendale, we've been at the forefront of supporting construction, energy, infrastructure, and various sectors since 2003.

Our mats offer unparalleled benefits, enabling safe and compliant access on roadways, crane pads, and heritage sites. These solutions not only enhance efficiency but also drastically reduce environmental impact, aligning with our commitment to a greener future.
As pioneers in the field, we continue to set new standards in safety, operational excellence, and environmental stewardship, making JWA the go-to choice for projects seeking reliable, eco-friendly access and platform solutions.

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Toshi Yoshida


Phone: 07 3205 9999


IntrepidUs is a digital platform that links experienced female project managers with skilled teams of women who specialise in different areas of marketing, communications, and design. It prioritises empowering mums, migrants, and women in regional or remote areas, enabling them to collaborate on projects for social responsible businesses across Australia.

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Viviana Castrillon


Phone: 0416 329 634

Business Mentored

Owning and leading businesses is one of the toughest things a person will do in their life. It can also be one of the most rewarding and meaningful journeys we can take. Getting lost in the day to day grind of business can be paralysing. Apart from keeping the business profitable and managing the cash flow, there is the ongoing challenge of finding and retaining great people and getting the best out of them, not only for the business but also for the team and clients.

Since 2010 we have been mentoring business owners and accelerating the entrepreneurial ventures. Our Find Your Cash system, has uncovered more than $150m in extra cash for our clients, giving them the fuel to fully realise their enterprises and impact their industries.

Having someone by your side who has guided 100's of people down this path many times to success is not just a luxury it is a must if you are too win in the game of business.

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Brad Flynn



ONETIME is a professional service designed to eliminate the complexities and costs of sports timing and event coordination. The simple, lightweight, portable, and automated timing device and software is revolutionising the mass participation sports industry and through innovative technology it is enhancing the sporting experience for athletes, spectators, sponsors and event staff.

We were inspired to create a product and service that delivered a one-stop-shop for the event coordinator where the simplicity of the device and software made it easy to be deployed by any event volunteer with a single press of a button.

ONETIME solves the biggest problem in the market, where currently to successfully manage a timed mass sporting event, the coordinator must work with multiple companies who meet a singular need for the event, either timing services, or hardware, or software or online registrations and then online results.

ONETIME’s innovative integrated service provides all of these and uses the world’s first low-cost, single use remotely operated timing hardware.

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Daniel Nixon


Phone: 0411 420 969

Michael Buck IP

Michael Buck IP is an independent, Queensland owned and operated patent and trade mark attorney firm. Michael Buck IP's patent and trade mark attorneys help local inventors, innovators, creative people and businesses protect, defend, and commercialise their intellectual property assets.

Intellectual property can be a complex area, especially if it is your first time engaging with the world of patents, trade marks and designs. Our firm regularly helps Australian businesses to successfully identify and improve their IP position which can add value to their enterprises. In addition to technical qualifications and expertise in a wide range of technology fields, many of our attorneys have worked in-house, in industry or in research, and as a result have an excellent understanding of the challenges you are faced with.

Your intellectual property is a big part of what differentiates you from your competitors. We will help you determine the best strategy to secure protection for your brand and/or invention.

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Caleb Maher


Mobile: 07 3369 2226


Matchsticks are the full-service marketing agency you’ve been dreaming of, made local. If you’re ready to take your business from lukewarm to scorching hot, but you’ve been burnt by juggling agencies before, it’s time to soothe that burn. We do it all, from brand development and strategic planning through to campaign launch and execution. Events? Love them. Big, small, new, established – we’re all over it.

Moreton Bay is ready to ignite. It’s a diverse, growing region with smoking-hot potential for businesses – all 29,000 of them. To really get in on that action, you need a marketing agency that lives, breathes and knows Moreton Bay. That’s us. And while Zoom’s great, what about an agency that knows where the best coffee is and can meet you there in five? You don’t get that from any old agency.

Matchsticks: brighter together.

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Belinda Boyce

Phone: 0411 543 356

Splice Marketing

Splice Marketing is an award winning, full-service marketing agency offering branding, websites, PR, communications and marketing activities for all businesses within the health and medical sector. Splice Marketing supports clients range from start-ups to global medtech companies, solo practices to large healthcare organisations, those working within existing health systems and those innovating to change the whole paradigm of healthcare.

Splice Marketing is best known for:

Growing healthcare businesses (nationally and internationally) through digital and local marketing to attract and retain clients.

Health/disease awareness campaigns

Their data-driven approach to marketing

Achieving impressive results for healthcare clients while complying with Australia’s strict healthcare marketing regulations.

Supporting healthcare clients both Australia-wide and across the US, UK and NZ.

Splice Marketing is a proud Moreton Bay business and has been recognised as winner in Moreton Bay’s Entrepreneur of the Year award 2022 and 2023 and finalist across other Moreton Bay and Australian Business awards.

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Ellie Bakker


Phone: 1300 918 842

Cloud Clean Energy

Rob and Cloud Clean Energy are very passionate about Clean Energy, and I can improve and greatly enhance the Renewable Energy puzzle for business owners seeking savings and wanting to start or boost the NetZero journey in their businesses.

Cloud Clean Energy is an energy technology company focused on liberating Australian businesses from avoidable energy wastage and rising electricity costs allowing you to make data based decisions about your energy consumption and production. Through smart power monitoring devices and clever tracking software plus our data based dashboard for user friendly energy analysis, Cloud Clean Energy are all about saving you and the planet. One KW at a time.

Our Solar partner is Enviro Projects - we work together to provide energy conservation and management services for businesses and households to help strengthen their bottom line and take the ease of ever increasing power bills.

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Rob Lowe


Phone: 0457 474 869

Succeed Healthcare Solutions

Established in 2010, Succeed Healthcare Solutions is a multi-award-winning therapy service based in North Lakes, extending its services to Moreton Bay and surrounding areas within a 30-minute radius. Our dedicated team, comprising occupational therapists, physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, and allied health assistants, is united by a vision: to create a world where families thrive and individuals realise their potential, making significant contributions to society. Our diverse range of services, whether group or individual, are offered in various settings—from clubs and clinics to outdoor spaces and telehealth. These clubs, set in warm and familiar surroundings such as at YMCA Ninja gym, merge therapeutic interventions with enjoyable social activities. Prioritising client convenience, we ensure therapy integrates seamlessly into their lives, offering features like our free Discovery Interview within a week of request, sibling group services, and dual pricing options. Our recent introduction of the 'Sparkling Hooves' equine therapy programme at Kurwongbah further exemplifies our commitment to innovative care. At Succeed Healthcare Solutions, we champion inter-sectoral collaboration, driving innovation in health and education. As early adopters of technology, we actively share our knowledge, ensuring we remain at the cutting edge of therapeutic advancements.

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Leanne Hopkins


Phone: 1300 512 016

Business Author Academy

After nine years in editing books and authoring books, Jennifer Lancaster had heard from dozens of authors that they were dismayed by publishing services, sometimes rorted but mostly frustrated. Jen realised that authors lacked easy and specific training for all things self-publishing.

The Book Creation Success course evolved to relate to a beginner author's needs. It helps with ways to outline a book and set up their author brand. It talks authors through Australian-accessible services, like IngramSpark print-on-demand, as well as Amazon publishing tutorials, and using printers.

After a solid Yes from users, she is now seeking to extend the learning with a book marketing knowledge course.

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Jennifer Lancaster


Phone:0403 125 038

Abbey Museum

Discover the unexpected treasures in the Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology. Nestled just off the M1 Bribie Island exit, the Abbey Museum houses an exquisite collection of artefacts spanning 500,000 years of human history. See the beautiful historical stained glass collection in the Abbey Church on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The Abbey Museum hosts its annual Abbey Medieval Festival every July school holidays, bringing 20,000 visitors to Abbeystowe to experience a Medieval village recreation spanning 600 - 1600AD. Experience the pageantry of Medieval life with over 1,000 re-enactors and performers from across the country delivering thrilling demonstrations of Jousting, Castle Battles and Cannon Fire, while you browse a curated collection of stalls in our marketplace and taste the delights of fine foods and drinks. It’s a family-friendly weekend of history and fun!

Experience the Abbey Museum and all it’s events via our event calendar and follow along as we prepare to build our brand new Art Gallery to house our Old Masters collection.

Abbey Museum

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Abbey Medieval Festival

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Kellee Neville


Phone: (07) 5495 1652


Removing the pain and waste of clunky and out of date paper business cards is exactly what MODC thrives on! Our digital business cards comes with NFC chip and QR code to make sharing and connecting as simple as it should be, all with the use of just one business card.

Development, technology and data right here in Queensland and Australia, our digital business cards work for a solopreneur as well as they work for a local council, government department or multinational firm. With the ability to also ditch any physical card in favour of a Apple or Google wallet card, the once humble business card has now levelled up to be one of the most impactful tools you have.

Anytime editing access, analytics and contact capture has you covered on all fronts for this epic digital business card!

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Nathan 'That Guy' Schokker

Phone: 0432 504 801

Busy Connecting

Busy Connecting is well recognised as supporting all sized business enterprises in many industries through acquiring much needed funding solutions to help them scale and grow.

Expert Specialist Strategic Writer, with over 40 years Grant and Tender experience, Robyn Baker founded Busy Connecting and now leads a team of colleagues who are expert specialists in strategic business development and growth. This dedicated team works in many areas including strategic planning, strategic marketing, multi-disciplinary strategic digital marketing, communication, website development, leadership, workplace health and safety, app development, virtual reality, gaming solutions, government and corporate submissions, pitch decks, legislative and government documentation. Robyn's experience began in 1980 in the Southern Hemisphere's largest Local Government (Brisbane City Council) in multi-disciplinary marketing and communication areas specialising in stakeholder and community engagement. Since then Robyn has experience working on strategic communication projects in the corporate sector both locally within Australia and internationally.

Robyn has held executive positions on many community and business Boards. She is a Mentor for Australian Women’s Business School, Expert Entrepreneur Accelerate program Australian Women's Business School, Mentor International Day of the Girl Child, Civic Leader Innovate 2018 & 2019, Committee Member Author Book Launch and Expos Worldwide, Advisor & Life Member Business Panel University of Sunshine Coast and is an International Judge, Speaker and Gold Award Winner.

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Robyn Baker

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SRJ Walker Wayland

Business can demand everything. So, it’s nice to imagine accountants who can give your business everything it deserves.

That’s us. We imagine better for your business, every day.

SRJ Walker Wayland is a parochial Moreton Bay City business of nearly 40 years. With a team near 80 strong, there’s nothing we can’t take on to help you tackle the challenges of business.

Experience the difference of working with a skilled, energetic and experienced team of professionals, providing:

Straight-forward ideas;

Logical & practical plans;

Effective implementation; and

Honest, realistic and straight advice

At SRJ Walker Wayland we work on the strategic and day-to-day management of your business as well as ensuring the regulatory requirements are handled with care.

We also understand there is more to your business than just the financials, and our team of both accounting and non-accounting professionals provide you with integrated, holistic and complimentary advice.

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Shaun Reeves

Phone: +61 7 3490 9988
Mobile: +61 403 603 691

How to Help

How to Help is a social enterprise with a mission to make getting involved with charities, social enterprises and awareness causes easy. We connect those who want to help with people who need help, working together to make the world a better place.

We focus first on the how element, as everyone has their own capacity to give. Beyond the traditional monetary donation or volunteering, you could also purchase products or use services, you could attend events, provide sponsorships, how ever it suits you best. We then dive deep into the who element, with our own categories that simplify the searching process. is a directory service where you can nominate who you want to help and how you want to help, and we will give you the options. We also post regularly on our social pages with awareness days and how you can #GetInvolved. Want to do some good but don’t have the time to search for the right fit? Get in touch, we can do the searching for you!

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Stacey Macmillan-White

Phone: 0402 841 962

Tinker Electric

At TinkerElectric, we help entrepreneurs, businesses and creatives move their electronics idea into working prototypes and beyond. With over 15 years experience assisting product owners we rapidly move intangible to tangible in a clear and jargon free manner. Contact us to discuss creating a solution right for you.

Our past projects have included Internet of Things (IoT), Education, Research and Exhibitions. From automatic cocktail makers to museum exhibits, from bluetooth climbing boards to customer education, if you have an idea or product, we will help you take it to the next level.

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John Missikos

Phone: 0421 117 141


Meet Branthem – an awesome mashup of "brand" and "anthem," all about using music to amplify your brand. At the core of Branthem's mission, is to create a signature music identity that is way more sophisticated than the traditional jingle. They dive deep into each brand's personality, strategically designing sonic signature style guides that speak emotively to market pain points and desires, and are flexible and subtle enough to weave through your entire customer journey, creating and strengthening authentic bonds and long-term customers.

With Dene Menzel, their visionary founder at the helm, Branthem also takes brand engagement beyond the customer. Ever heard of "Brand Jam"? Imagine a music collaboration where a whole organisation could understand a 40-page strategy in less than 4 minutes, or a staff meeting could re-energise a room on a Monday morning. Brand Jam is a dynamic team engagement experience that turns businesses into a band for the day, spreading good vibes and harmony that spill right into the workplace.

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Dene Menzel

Phone: 0401 728 149

Innovate Moreton Bay

City of Moreton Bay Council with Moreton Bay Region Industry & Tourism (MBRIT) have partnered to provide specialist innovation and growth services to foster the region's entrepreneurial spirit, under the Innovate Moreton Bay program.

Supporting the region’s start-ups, scale-ups and providing access to resources will enable locals, including our youth, to prosper and build the capability to compete successfully in global markets.

Innovate Moreton Bay, recognises the previous support and backing from Advance Queensland's Advancing Regional Innovation Program (ARIP).

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Steve Butler


Phone: 0412 911 546

City of Moreton Bay Council


Represented by:

Anne Lawrence - Head of Industry Advancement, Economic Development

Moreton Bay Regional Council

Coordination of Industry Advancement team initiatives under Moreton Bay’s Regional Economic Development Strategy (REDS) & member of the Economic Development Department Leadership Team.

Council lead for Knowledge, Innovation & Entrepreneurship opportunities to future proof our region

Phone: 0417 683 971