On Wednesday, 16th November, Moreton Bay Regional Council and Innovate Moreton Bay delivered the Startups are Hard Workshop with Peter Laurie.

Regardless of whether you call them startups, scaleups, new ventures, or just new businesses, they are always harder than you first thought. This is not due to lack of effort, preparation, or experience - they are just hard. But they needn't be that way. By approaching them with a learning mindset and a few different techniques we can reduce the risk and make them less hard.

It's not just about building a great product that people want - they also need to be willing and able to pay for it.

It's not just about planning out how you're going to execute it and then do it - you also need to make sure you stay in business long enough to get there.

Our facilitator Peter Laurie guided 35 attendees through why it's so hard, what to do about it, and how he's helped many founders get started. The session was highly interactive and driven by questions from the audience that tapped into Peter's broad experience.

Key Topics

- an insight into starting a new venture

- an understanding of the risks you are taking

- several models to analyse your opportunity

- a few different ways to communicate your business to others, and why you should be doing it

- ability to reconcile different advice and opinions about your business


Peter Laurie participates heavily in the Australian innovation ecosystem. He has coached and advised thousands of startups and new ventures on how to innovate, implement, and deliver. He has been the Mentor in Residence at River City Labs for over ten years, an Entrepreneur in Residence on several different programs, and a mentor in many more.

Peter won the Queensland Pearcey Entrepreneur Award for 2018.

This workshop was a part of a suite of innovation programs being delivered via Innovate Moreton Bay, as part of the Council’s commitment to the Regional Economic Development Strategy (REDS) which includes the objective of becoming a top 10 regional innovation hub. For more information about Council’s innovation programs see: www.moretonbay.qld.gov.au/innovation