Tech For Good - Case Study


TechForGood is a Samford-based Social Technology company on a mission to make equitable, accessible and affordable technology the status quo for all Australians.

Founded in 2021, TechForGood provides a vast range of technology-based products and services in partnership with major companies such as Microsoft, Google, Dell and LP, while donating 50% of their profits to high impact partners to help them address the needs of digitally disadvantaged Australians.

Co-Founder and CEO, Stella Heesom explains that TechForGood is driven by purpose and advocacy, and believes this has contributed to the company’s success

The Importance of Innovation

Stella explains that for TechForGood, innovation means everything. In particular, TechForGood believes in using technology in new and innovative ways which promote sustainability.

“At the core, we believe in doing more with less. If we do more with less, our impact is lower. For our customers, they are trying to do as much as they can with as little as possible. And from our perspective, anything that allows us to do that is innovation”.

TechForGood’s ethos is that “tech should enable those outcomes and amplify people’s missions and causes in the social sector. It shouldn’t limit it.”

Why Moreton Bay?

TechForGood views the Moreton Bay Region as an ideal place to base their business, highlighting the work and support of Moreton Bay Regional Council and its efforts to support local businesses and make the region a top-ten innovation hub through its Regional Economic Development Strategy (REDS).

Stella explains that small businesses in the region are “fundamentally supported so well by Council, and the programs that we have on offer to us here, in terms of learning and development are fantastic”.

Community is also a central part of TechForGood’s choice to base their company in Moreton Bay. “It’s a values base – we enjoy and we thrive in this community because everything we do is community-based".

Advice for Others

For those starting out on their innovation journey, Stella’s advice is to be crystal clear in your purpose.

“If you can’t articulate in two minutes what you do – and have everybody in the room understand you – then you really do need to go back to the drawing board.”

Stella also suggests that you “can’t use profit or revenue as a benchmark for success. It’s not a purpose – it's an objective. From our perspective, until we really understood what our purpose was – what our ‘why’ was – we didn’t gain any traction in the sector.”

Case Study Series

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