TeleIn - Case Study

About TeleIn

TeleIn is a Clontarf-based company specialising in telepresence solutions, robotics, and holographic teleportation technology. Founded by Benjamin Farkas in 2018 after experiencing the power of telepresence robots firsthand, TeleIn has grown to become the largest supplier of telepresence solutions in the APAC region, serving clients across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Papua New Guinea.

TeleIn's vision is to remove the barriers of time and place, enabling people to be present with those that matter the most all the while accelerating the uptake of remote presence technology to help individuals and organisations connect and work more efficiently from anywhere in the world.

Product Showcase

Introducing TeleIn's game-changing telepresence solutions: the Double 3 Telepresence Robot and the PROTO Epic Teleportation Display. Both products showcase TeleIn's commitment to innovation, helping businesses leverage a global pool of talent, save costs, and increase productivity.

The Double 3 Telepresence Robot, a remote-controlled video conferencing solution, is the industry standard among remote and hybrid work environments. With advanced depth sensors, stereo cameras, and obstacle avoidance technology, this smooth-rolling robot enables users to connect eye-to-eye and navigate spaces with confidence.

On the other hand, the PROTO Epic Teleportation Display is a cutting-edge holographic solution that offers an unparalleled "WOW" factor, captivating audiences and providing unforgettable experiences. The immersive display transports users to new worlds or brings others into the viewer's world, showcasing TeleIn's dedication to connecting people and places across diverse industries, such as health, education, tourism, retail, and more.

Why Moreton Bay?

According to Benjamin, founder of TeleIn, the Moreton Bay region is a desirable place to grow innovation and technology. In his words, "the Moreton Bay region can really benefit from building out new ideas and technology solutions in the area." With access to better internet connectivity, proximity to major educational and manufacturing hubs, and a supportive local government, Benjamin sees immense potential for the region to attract and retain young talent, particularly in technology and innovation sectors. TeleIn envisions the Moreton Bay region becoming a central hub for a vast educational talent pool by the 2030s, enabled by innovative technologies like holoportation and telepresence robotics.

Advice to Others

For those embarking on their innovation journey, Benjamin recommends embracing innovative ideas and exploring new technologies that can address real-world challenges. As Benjamin shares, "technology like holoportation and telepresence robotics is the next evolution in communication." By focusing on improving the way people connect, collaborate, and work, businesses and entrepreneurs can unlock significant growth and success in any industry.

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