The Ultimate Pitch Workshop w/ Jacqueline Nagle

‘The Ultimate Pitch Workshop – How to Get What You Want’ was a highly hands-on, practical workshop held for business owners, entrepreneurs and experts in the City of Moreton Bay. Held on the 18th of October at North Lakes Hotel, this event was facilitated by Speaking and Pitching Coach Jacqueline Nagle from Any Given Tuesday, the workshop took 52 participants from diverse business backgrounds - including start-ups, speakers, experts, professional services, government, banking, and many more - through the practical steps to understand and craft their pitch.

Jacqueline’s ability to meet clients where they are at, regardless of the diverse nature of the participants and the businesses they represented, created a level of engagement not common in similar workshops. Using real-life stories of pitches gone right and pitches gone wrong and drawing on over 20yrs of experience, Jacqueline led participants through the nuance and cadence of pitching that equipped everyone with valuable insight to apply immediately and plenty to take home and implement in weeks/months to come.

Below, we share key insights from this incredible event, which delivered on its promise – to provide a great starting point for anyone looking to craft a pitch that will get them the attention they want. It also includes some images taken on the day at the bottom of the page.

Breaking Down a Successful Pitch

The principal focus of the workshop was to share deeper insights, understanding and frameworks to walk away from the workshop with a fresh, engaging and compelling pitch that carried them into more conversations. (Most!) Participants leapt at the chance to hotseat their way through the building blocks of what great pitches – nailing their 60 and 30 second pitches before they left the room.

Key Aspects of crafting the Ultimate Pitch include:

Often, nailing a great Pitch feels elusive – able to be seen, never quite being able to be caught. The Ultimate Pitch workshop simultaneously built confidence and competence to enable the participant to see that nailing their pitch comes down to very deliberate, actionable and repeatable steps anyone can do.

  • Pitch Psychology: Getting into the hearts and minds of those who are your ideal client.
  • The Power of the Pitch Triangle: Problem, Promise, Process
  • The Pitch Quadrant: Why This – Why Now – Why Trust – So What – and Why These Answers Matter

Throughout the workshop, every single person was witness to the ‘Aha’ moments when participants nailed the problem their business solved or found a sharper, clearer, better to communicate exactly what they do – the problem they solve and who they solve it for.

Unforgettable introduction

The day culminated with participants being given language and steps on how to deliver an unforgettable line to introduce themselves - The type of introduction that has people stopping to ask more questions.

Don’t just plan, Do!

Interwoven throughout the entire day Innovate Moreton Bay’s Steve Butler and Jacqueline, drew participants out and, armed with the teaching and practical information from previous sessions, gave participants real time practice and feedback.

The room resounded with applause, cheering and congratulations as one by one each participant overcame barriers, stood in confidence in who they were and why they should be heard. A collaborative and supportive environment facilitated by Jacqueline’s uncompromising call to champion each other created an environment for success, growth and overcoming.

The workshop presented participants with a host of practical resources and tools and left them more prepared and confident for their investment journey. The facilitators, panel, and all others involved were delighted to have contributed to building Moreton Bay’s innovation, start-up, and investor ecosystem – initiatives only made possible through the support of the City of Moreton Bay Council.

In classic fashion, Jacqueline over delivered – providing not only exceptional in person training and facilitation but providing an investment of resources to all the participants. These resources would allow them to continue to hone their pitches and ability to speak confidently, get the attention they want and walk away from more opportunities getting exactly what they want.

About Jacqueline Nagle CSP

Facilitator and Creator of The Ultimate Pitch Framework

A Fifth Generation Entrepreneur with a fiercely strategic brain, Jacqueline Nagle’s diverse career criss-crosses professional services, mining services, civil construction, manufacturing, and industrial relations. With experience from the trenches of start-up to the C-Suite, Jacqueline works as Shadow CEO, Advisor and Educator to Founding Owners and their teams in the Start-Up, Innovation and Consulting Services Sectors who are in pursuit of next level growth – and achieves this through the implementation of proven speaking driven strategies.

The preferred Pitch Coach for Innovate Moreton Bay’s events in the Moreton Bay Region, Jacqueline has personally secured more than $20,000,000 in sales, quadrupled the Franchise Sales Closed value for Tattersalls, and has more than 20 years experience taking Consultants with no experience to million dollar portfolios in less than 12 months. Since 2018 Jacqueline has also helped more than 100 private clients launch and commercialise speaking careers as both professional speakers and expert business builders across Australia and the USA.

Quite simply, Jacqueline loves the art of the deal.

Her career has been dependant on the demonstrated ability to navigate the challenges of rapid growth and high impact events, and success driving 6, 7 and multiple 8 figure growth several times over. In the early 2000’s she reimagined a family-owned business in Regional Queensland, drove growth from $4.2M to $22.4M in 15 months, selling that business to an ASX Co, delivering the 3-year projected net profit (and return on investment) in 10 months post acquisition. Jacqueline’s exceptional negotiation skills also underpinned her 100% success rate developing, negotiating, and implementing 27 Enterprise Agreements for Tier 3 and Tier 4 rapid growth businesses in the Mining Services, Manufacturing and Trades sectors - skills she now uses with her clients to rapidly position and accelerate commercial success.

Connect with Jacqueline on LinkedIn.

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This workshop was a part of a suite of innovation programs being delivered by Innovate Moreton Bay, as part of the Council’s commitment to the Regional Economic Development Strategy (REDS) which includes the objective of becoming a top 10 regional innovation hub. For more information about Council’s innovation programs see: