Concrete Data Sensors - Case Study

About Concrete Data Sensors

Led by Director Andrew Cathcart, Concrete Data Sensors (CDS) is an innovative Australian company that specialises in developing advanced sensor technology for the construction, building, civil, infrastructure, and mining industries. Founded in 2018 and established in a garage years before that, CDS has grown to become a leading supplier of structural integrity monitoring systems, with its sensors being utilised in various high-profile projects such as the 40-level, $600M CBUS office tower in Brisbane and the world's largest lithium mine.

Product Showcase

CDS has revolutionised data’s role in the construction industry with its patent-protected concrete sensor, which provides real-time data on the compressive strength, relative humidity, movement, and vibration of concrete structures. Designed to last up to 30 years, these sensors detect issues before failures can occur, ensuring safety and cost-efficiency in various applications, including mines, buildings, civil projects, and hazard mitigation efforts.

The CDS sensor can be cast into any concrete structure or soil for short- or long-term continuous monitoring and retrofitted onto existing structures to monitor elements such as ground slabs, footings, columns, walls, precast, dams, roads, mines, bridges, footpaths, heritage buildings, beams, seismic conditions, ground settlements, and retention walls. This advanced technology allows stakeholders to address structural deficiencies proactively, saving time, money, and potentially even lives.

Why Moreton Bay?

Andrew recounted the role of the Moreton Bay Region in the growth of CDS, “As the founder and director of Concrete Data Sensors, a small startup, the support and help that Moreton Bay Regional Council and Innovate Moreton Bay have given us has been integral to our success as a business.”

Concrete Data Sensors’ participation in the 2022 Moreton Bay Region Innovations Day, made possible by Moreton Bay Regional Council and Innovate Moreton Bay, has contributed to its growth and recognition. In fact, CDS was awarded the Award for Innovation Excellence at the 2022 Moreton Bay Business & Innovation Awards, highlighting the company's ground-breaking approach to sensor technology and its potential impact on a national and global scale.

“As a small business in Moreton Bay, getting the recognition of winning the innovation award at the Moreton Bay Business & Innovation Awards was significant. It really validated who we were and has given us a great credential and backing in our marketing and advertising.”

Advice to Others

For businesses and entrepreneurs looking to innovate, the success story of Concrete Data Sensors serves as an inspiration. Andrew shared what he views as a key to innovation, “making sure that you have reliable and accurate products to deliver to customers,” and emphasised the important role that testing plays in ensuring that your products are something your clients can rely on.

Focusing on real-world challenges and embracing technology can lead to significant advancements and solutions that can transform entire industries. By developing products that address genuine needs, businesses like Concrete Data Sensors can achieve growth and success while contributing positively to the lives of their customers and the broader community.

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