Chilli Coffee wins "Best Beverage" in the coveted Mr Chilli Awards 2020

Chilli Coffee wins "Best Beverage" in the coveted Mr Chilli Awards 2020

Innovate Moreton Bay sends a big congratulations to Chilli Coffee winning a fantastic award after opening their foors just three weeks earlier. Following eighteen months in product development Chilli Coffee entered its first national Chilli food and beverage awards. With stiff competition from entrants from across Australia and New Zealand, the Judges have decided, “Mild Chilli Coffee” wins the best beverage 2020!

Mr James Sullivan, the inventor of Chilli Coffee, when interviewed said “Both Douglas, my business partner and I are thrilled to be acknowledged by our peers, for our awesome tasting Mild Chilli Coffee, we developed. We were so excited when the announcement was made on Saturday. Thank you to all the entrants and judges for hosting this wonderful competition. It is a great way to recognise all the people who develop incredible sauces, food and beverage products using chilli flavours.”

They say timing is everything in business, well despite opening its doors for business, just 10 days before the Australian Government announced the closure of all cafes, restaurants, clubs, pubs, hotels, both James and Douglas have taken the challenge on the chin. “We are all in this together, so we need to make the best of the hand we’ve been dealt. Who could have predicted that a week after opening our doors for business, our largest group of prospective new customers, would then close? Despite all the doom and gloom we are surrounded with at the moment, winning this competition confirms we are on the right path. We look forward to the day when everyone can reopen and resume normal trading, so we can share this exciting new coffee taste sensation with many more people.” Mr Bates said.

Chilli Coffee is open for business. You can check out all the other intensities online at On the Chilli Coffee web page , you can find a range of useful information, including; recipes, they have included a section on understanding the health benefits of drinking Chilli Coffee, there are many creative video’s and more. They also have an online shopping cart where you can order a bag of their “Award Winning Mild Chilli Coffee” to savour for yourself. The Mild blend won this award, however if chilli heat is your thing, they also have a Medium and XXX Hot blend.

Congratulations Chilli Coffee, great to see a new business and couple of innovators going for it!