Viviana and Adele Shine at Moreton Bay's Female Founders Christmas Showcase!

Impact Boom's Queensland Female Founders FFFWD Accelerator Showcase!

Did you know that women in business provide higher ROI than that of their male counterparts?

An incredible cohort of passionate Female Founders finished their FFFWD Accelerator with their Showcase at Brisbane Powerhouse. The group, led by Sarah Ripper, Tom Allen and an impressive group of presenters and mentors, has shown huge amounts of development over the last 20 weeks. This is what purpose-driven entrepreneurship looks like. Business is being used as a force for good to tackle problems that matter. These founders presented innovative ways to tackle the housing crisis, refugee and migrant issues, diversity and inclusion, circular economy, human trafficking, sustainable fashion and mental and physical wellbeing.

Moreton Bay's very own Viviana Castrillion Olave and Adele Hauwai presented in front of a vibrant audience of 150 at The Female Founders Christmas Showcase! It was amazing to have all the mentors who generously shared valuable insights, tools, and advice, fostering collective growth throughout the year. The impressive turnout at the event reflects strong public support for women in business.

These two ladies bring positivity and hard work to the City while also bringing awareness to #TeamMoretonBay, which is always showcasing innovation, creativity and success in business throughout the region.

Viviana stepped out of her comfort zone and was able to challenge herself. Vivianna says "It's a beautiful challenge that, in a way, I visualised at the beginning of the year when I created my vision board. As we step into 2024, I feel an even more exciting journey ahead. It seems like we are gradually climbing the ladder of success. Stepping out of my comfort zone and gaining the confidence to speak in public about this project, which is a true passion for me, has been incredibly rewarding"

Adele added, "Thank you for motivating & nudging me to make my way to the stage last night & share my story with the world - including launching our #buildyourdomesbuildyourfuture equity crowdfunding funding campaign next year."

Congratulations to the 2023 cohort:
- Liz Henderson & Karine Emanouel of Avodah Global Pty Ltd
- Danielle Shield-Lawrence of Antiquely
- Sonia Martin 🏳️‍🌈 RN, GACN of OneBridge
- Kani Kenyi of Ethni
- Adele Hauwai of Globe Domes
- Patsy Tierney of Fit Mumma
- Ally Kelly of Mind Blank Ltd
- Viviana Castrillon Olave of Teamed
- Lynne Kendall (LK TOMMI) of The Resilience Project
- Jenae Tien Jenkins of Expand Your Library - (EYL took home the People's Choice Award!)
- Vanessa Gourlay of The Present Project
- Abbie Williams (MAHRI) of Letters of Hope
- Fiona Mehmet of Noblesse

There were wonderful heartwarming speeches from Gillian Gardiner and Julia Spicer OAM after a lovely Acknowledgement of Country by Michelle Smith.

The incredible support of the Advance Queensland Backing Female Founders Program is one that can't be missed in thanking. Also, thank you to Griffith Centre for Systems Innovation, The Precinct and Queensland Chief Entrepreneur for the support!